Everyone knows the best place to go fishing is near a mussel farm.  The CoroMFA welcomes recreational anglers to drop a line around their farms but ask fishermen to follow these guidelines to keep everyone safe;


  • Don’t tie-up to the same line as the one the one being worked on – this endangers you and our crew

  • Keep a minimum of 30 meters from working mussel barges at all times.

  • Never cast your line towards near Mussel barges – our crews get injured from flying hooks and sinkers.

  • Remember shellfish are being farmed for people to eat – Please don’t discharge sewerage anywhere near a marine farm.

  • Anchors are likely to get tangled in the farm – Please only either; tie-on to a longline buoy, or use approved mooring hooks to secure to Mussel longlines

  • Minimise Vessel speed and minimise wake, when operating adjacent to other vessels at a Marine farm. Please beware that some horizontal longlines are subsurface.

  • Boat to boat, Please call-up on Channel 17 but please do not use this channel to chat on.

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